Gaugl Holding

Scrap and nonferrous metals – working in the mixed metal salad

We take care of all kinds of steel and iron scrap, ferrous metals whether mixed or unmixed, with or without adhesions. The material is either delivered to us or collected by the communities as well as by companies and households. Moreover, we carry out dismantling as well as industrial dismantling (see dismantling).

The material is sorted and separated according to specification before it is processed and recycled.The sorting is done by hand, by excavators or by machines with separation techniques, depending on the requirement of the materials. In November 2011 we were the first ones in Austria t o operate such a recycling plant in this combination (see information of 3 August 2011). It is state of the art and separates various materials fully automatically.

Scrap is not just scrap to us. The metal in various compounds - coated or unmixed - encased or „naked“, can be separated by us in several stages depending on the kind and the size. This way, an important resource is derived from the supposed scrap for the recycling of material.

We dispose of a substantial useable iron stock of about 300 tons. There you find I-beams, piping and various metal sheets made of iron, aluminium or stainless steel. We can also provide new iron on request.

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